• national politics reporter


  • 2016

    Covering Trump and the GOP

    POLITICO Magazine

    Feb. 20, 2016


    He couldn’t sell experience to an electorate that wanted emotion. He couldn’t escape his last name. His millions couldn’t buy popular support.


    Given how the race has gone, the real mystery of Jeb Bush’s campaign isn’t why he failed — but why anyone ever thought he would succeed.

    POLITICO Magazine

    Feb. 1, 2016


    It looks improvisational, but he planned this run for years, making a pipe dream look like a prophecy. "I’m going to get in and all the polls are going to go crazy," Trump told supporters in 2013. "I’m going to suck all the oxygen out of the room. I know how to work the media in a way that they will never take the lights off of me."



    Oct. 26, 2015


    This exercise in nostalgia, always meant to propel a third Bush candidacy, is instead laying bare how a family held in such high esteem by generations of Republicans no longer represents the party it once led.



    Oct. 19, 2015


    Inside a sleek Denver condominium, George W. Bush let a hundred donors to his brother’s campaign in on a secret. Of all the rival Republican candidates, one gets under his skin: his former employee, Ted Cruz.



    Aug. 15, 2015


    For many who had come to see the prized heifers or the famed Butter Cow, the spectacle of Trump was the bigger thrill. In the same world in which candy bars are deep-fried, this billionaire Manhattan businessman is suddenly viewed as a blue-collar champion.


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    April 2015-Present

    National Politics Reporter


    Washington, DC


    - Covering Republican side of 2016 presidential race 

    - Contributor to POLITICO and POLITICO Magazine

    KDVR Fox31 / KWGN Channel 2

    2005-15, Denver CO

    Political Reporter & Anchor


    "The face of political journalism on Denver television"


    - Pace-setter for Colorado coverage of local, state and national politics

    - Five-night-a-week anchor on KDVR and KWGN

    - Winner of several regional Emmys, incl. Human Interest Story, 2014

    - Host/Producer of Sunday morning show #COpolitics: From The Source

    - Has made KDVR.com a top online source for Colorado political news

    - Denver Post: "Eli Stokols: he wants to make TV political news appetizing"

    - Only Colorado TV reporter on The Fix's best state political reporters list

    - Frequent guest on local and national political TV and radio shows

    - Named Denver's "Best Twitterer" - 5280 Magazine

    - Listed among Denver's "50 Most Powerful People" - 5280 Magazine

    Columbia University


    M.S., Graduate School of Journalism




    - Reported from Ground Zero on 9/11 and on terror attack's aftermath
    - Concentrations: nightly news reporting, video documentary, narrative writing



    University of California, Berkeley


    B.A. in History & Mass Communications


    Scholar Athlete



    - Studied U.S. history with Professors Leon Litwack & David A. Hollinger

    - Pitcher, Cal intercollegiate baseball team

    - Named to PAC-10 All Academic first team in 2001





    Prolific writer. Political junkie.

    Passionate person.


    I love what I do -- developing relationships, seeking out the details, working several stories simultaneously and delivering them quickly and creatively via multiple formats.


    I aim to be out front and up to the minute, to compete in the daily space with newspapers and blogs; but I'm also focused on the big picture, providing context, analysis and the longer view.


    "a political junkie...[who's] all about the job" - The Denver Post


    "...known for a comprehensive, shoe-leather approach to politics." - Columbia Journalism Review


    "...the face of political journalism on local TV news in Denver." - Huffington Post


    "...a model of tenacious journalism of a kind we don't see enough of anymore."

    - ColoradoPols



    Slightly obsessive by nature. My primary fixations are: the New Orleans Saints, saving the penguins and sandwiches.


    "Ask about his extracurricular interests and he notes he enjoys a good sandwich (since working at an Italian market slicing prosciutto years ago)."


    That's me up there playing catch with my friend, Garrett Atkins, before Game 2 of the 2007 World Series at Fenway. Covering him and that Series was a professional and personal highlight.


    I once did a live shot using only quotes from The Big Lebowski. Mark it.


    I spend much of my disposable income on books -- and read most of them.


    Joan Didion is my favorite living writer. 


    I went to India a few years ago. You should go.

  • COLORADO 2014

    Long-form magazine & television work


    Campaign Diary

    POLITICO Magazine, October 2014


    Democrats weren't supposed to lose this race. What went wrong?


    On the road with state GOP chairman Ryan Call as he tries to navigate the most unforgiving job in Colorado politics.

    5280 Magazine, August 2014


    Can Ryan Call -- lawyer, intellectual, devout Mormon -- lead a Republican Party that's not interested in being led?


    The Politico Mag Profile

    POLITICO Magazine, July 2014


    Why Colorado’s bow tie-wearing, tech-millionaire lawmaker is making his fellow Democrats nervous.


    Letter from Colorado

    POLITICO Magazine, May 2014


    Weed hasn't destroyed Colorado—so far. What happened was far more interesting.


    Letter From Denver

    POLITICO Magazine, April 2014


    A potential ballot measure aiming to let cities ban oil and gas drilling financed by a Democrat threatens to jeopardize the reelection hopes of Colorado's top two Democrats and could even splinter the state's progressive machine after a decade of dominance.


    How a brash Second Amendment crusader has gunned down the Colorado GOP

    5280 Magazine, August 2013


    When Colorado Democrats passed gun control laws in May, they did it thanks to majorities Dudley Brown, by taking out more moderate, electable GOP contenders in primaries, helped create. But that irony isn't so cruel to Brown after all: the battle itself saw his membership quadruple and, suddenly, the donations are streaming in faster than he can count it.


    The trip of a lifetime for nine inner-city musicians

    FOX31 Denver Special Report, July 2013


    When Denver launched non-stop service to Tokyo, Japan, a huge delegation embarked on the inaugural flight -- including nine members of the Montbello H.S. drum line. This is the story of their eye-opening journey, the kind of long-form, community-focused storytelling that's so rare in local television news.



    Reporting & Anchoring 2013-14

    Since it launched in June 2014, #COpolitics: From The Source has engaged policymakers, politicians and activists in lively discussions and interviews every Sunday morning on FOX31 Denver. Here's a three-minute sampling of highlights from our first three months of shows, filmed on location every week at The Source.

    This reel showcases Eli's coverage of Colorado's historic recall elections, in-depth reports and interviews on issues from health care reform and energy development to the death penalty; it also includes a piece of 'Destination: Japan', a 30-minute documentary-style report following members of the Montbello High School Drum Line on a historic trip to Japan.


    During the 2012 campaign, Eli Stokols was the only Colorado reporter to go one-on-one with President Obama, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.